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      Coming from the American Heartland, Sam Maxwell’s imagery and art have graced a wide range of commercially successful products worldwide for many years.

      Working as an on-air radio personality in cities like Kansas City, San Antonio and Houston gave Sam his basis for following current trends from music and art styles making the headlines of the day.

      Sam followed his artistic calling in the early 80’s to Los Angeles.  While in school at UCLA, he was hired for his first professional work as a photographer by Los Angeles Magazine as an editorial photographer. It wasn’t long before PLAYBOY took notice of his skills and brought him on staff, shooting promotional images for the magazine aswell as Playboy Video.  Sam’s photography with Playboy garnered new opportunities working with many of the current popular rock stars to Hollywood celebrities from Pamela Anderson to Zsa Zsa Gabor. (Yikes!)

      While shooting for PLAYBOY, Sam was commissioned to photograph nearly 40 “door posters” of the Playboy Playmates. Shooting these pin-up posters allowed Sam the opportunity to not only be the “man behind the camera”, but art director as well, with total creative control. Working closely with his talented creative team from his LA studios, Sam’s work as one of the leading American glamour and commercial photographers can be seen in posters, calendars, greeting cards and an endless array of products worldwide. With nearly 400 popular posters to his credit, Sam's art has been licensed by Hallmark and other top international publishers located in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich,  Copenhagen, Hong Kong and Berlin.

      Sam's unique experience in following trends as both art director and stylst of models for his photography, has made the transition to the fashion marketplace a natural. His SIN CITY KITTY apparel brand was a popular Vegas resort wear sold in over 50 stores on the Las Vegas strip. He followed that brand with LOV VEGAS and HARVESTER SURF Co., released in the US as well as Brazil and Argentina, BYOU "Be Your Own You", a self-empowerment brand and magazine for young girls, HEARTLAND ARTWEAR for the Midwest, and ROWDY WESTERN WEAR.

      Exhausted yet?  Sam’s currently working on a tourism line for the Kansas City market and another line for the NFL that combines photography with a unique style of graphic sports art.

      It’s been a wild and entertaining ride for Sam Maxwell...and there’s no sign of him slowing down any time soon!