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Coming from the American Heartland, Sam Maxwell’s imagery and art have graced a wide range of commercially successful products worldwide for many years. Working as an on-air radio personality in cities like Kansas City, San Antonio and Houston gave Sam his basis for following current trends from music, art, and styles making the headlines of the day.

Sam followed his artistic calling in the early 80’s to Los Angeles.  While in school at UCLA, he was hired for his first professional work as a photographer by Los Angeles Magazine as an editorial photographer.  It wasn’t long before PLAYBOY took notice of his skills and hired him on staff, shooting promotional images for the magazine and the newly launched Playboy Video.  Sam’s photography with Playboy garnered new opportunities of working with many Hollywood celebrities with a range from popular rock stars, to celebs like Pamela Anderson, to Zsa Zsa Gabor. (Yikes!)

While shooting for Playboy, Sam was commissioned to photograph over 30 “door posters” of the Playboy Playmates.  This turned out to be a turning point in Sam’s career taking him from being another “hired-gun” shooter for a corporate giant, to instead being an independent artist with total creative control and endless artistic possibilities. Working from his LA studios, Sam has produced a long stream of commercially successful products for companies like Hallmark, and many of the top international publishers from both the American and European markets.

Now, nearly 30 years later, Sam’s work can be seen in posters, calendars, greeting cards and an endless array of products worldwide.  With nearly 400 posters to his credit, it easily makes him one of America's most prolific popular photographers.  Sam's unique experience in following the trends of the day and styling his models for photo shoots, has made the transition to the fashion marketplace a natural. 

Through his licensing company, POPWORX Inc., Sam has produced hits like the SIN CITY KITTY brand. A popular Vegas resort wear line sold in over 20 stores on the Las Vegas strip.  He’s followed that with the LOV VEGAS line for Vegas tourism, HARVESTER SURF Co., released in the US as well as Brazil and Argentina,  BYOU "Be Your Own You", a self-empowerment line, magazine, and stores for young girls, HEARTLAND ARTWEAR resort wear for Midwest states, and ROCK CANDY and LOVE UNIVERSITY in South America. Coming soon...ROWDY Western Wear will be released nationally in America...and many more exciting things are in the works. 

POPWORX features a huge library of photography, art themes and apparel brands...and there's no sign of the creative energy of Sam Maxwell slowing down any time soon!


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